How to Build an Environmentally Safe Garbage Enclosure

by City Wide
by City Wide
garbage enclosure

A garbage can enclosure is a structure built to contain and protect trash cans from the elements, animals, and other outside disturbances. Garbage enclosures are an essential part of keeping the environment safe and clean. They help prevent pollutants from entering natural ecosystems, reduce the spread of disease-causing organisms, and protect animals from being harmed.


Why Garbage Can Enclosures are Important to the Environment?


Safe for Animals

Garbage can enclosures are essential for creating a safe environment for animals because they help to keep out wild and domestic animals alike. Without an enclosure, wildlife such as bears, coyotes, raccoons, and other scavengers can easily access the garbage cans, resulting in a hazardous and potentially dangerous situation. Additionally, even tamed animals such as cats and dogs can become injured after being exposed to the dangerous items found in garbage cans. An enclosure prevents animals from accessing the contents of a garbage can while allowing humans easy access when needed.

Protection from Weather Conditions

An enclosed garbage area also provides protection from weather conditions such as heavy rain, wind, or snow. Without an enclosure, the garbage cans may become damaged or even destroyed due to wear and tear from the elements. This could potentially lead to hazardous materials spilling into the environment, resulting in unsafe situations for both humans and animals.

Preventing Unpleasant Smells

Garbage can enclosures are also beneficial for keeping unpleasant smells associated with garbage from getting into the environment. Without an enclosure, smells can travel and cause issues for people living in the area. Garbage enclosures also provide protection against rodents and other pests that are attracted to food odours. Keeping these creatures away from garbage cans by concealing the smells can reduce the risk of disease transmission carried by the critters.

Creating an Appealing Look

A well-designed garbage enclosure can also improve the look of a property. Creating a structure that is both attractive and functional can increase the overall curb appeal of any home or business. A garbage enclosure that blends in with its surroundings creates an attractive and pleasing aesthetic for visitors. This can help to make a property appear more inviting and attractive to potential buyers.


Important Elements to Include When Considering How to Build an Outdoor Garbage Enclosure


How the garbage stays contained

This is the most important factor when constructing an outdoor garbage enclosure. You should consider how different elements like wind, rain, and animals can affect the containment of your garbage. Ideally, the enclosure should keep out everything from smaller rodents such as rats to larger animals such as bears that can break open weak structures.

Garbage enclosure gates are a great way to ensure that the garbage stays contained. Installing a gate with a secure locking mechanism will ensure that your garbage is not accessible to animals and other outsiders. Additionally, you might want to add a roof or weather protection to ensure the garbage stays dry and doesn’t blow away.

The materials used for building a garbage enclosure

The materials you use to construct your garbage can enclosure should be weather-resistant and easy to clean. Good options include wood, vinyl, or metal. You’ll also need a secure locking mechanism for the garbage enclosure to ensure that the contents of the can are not accessible to animals or other outsiders. There are many different types of locks available including padlocks, combination locks, and electronic locks.

Before buying your materials you should consider the aesthetics of your enclosure. You want to make sure that the design blends in with its surroundings so it does not detract from the look of your property. Applying a coat of paint is an easy way to keep the enclosure uniform with your home.

The location where the garbage is stored

Select a spot for your enclosure that is away from areas where runoff, flooding, or other environmental issues might occur. Make sure it’s located close enough to the house that you can access it easily. And of course, it should be accessible to the city’s garbage removal services as well.

Building a Bear-Proof Garbage Can Enclosure

Garbage can enclosures are a vital part of protecting the environment and keeping wildlife safe in British Columbia. Bears in particular are known to be drawn to unsecured garbage, which can create dangerous situations for both humans and bears. It’s essential to secure your garbage during the summertime by using an appropriate enclosure to make sure bears stay away from hazardous materials and potential food sources. Attracting bears to suburban areas can result in harming the bears in order to keep the neighbourhood safe. When it comes to bear safety in B.C. it’s much better to be preventative by keeping your garbage enclosed.

Overall, garbage can enclosures are essential for creating an environmentally safe environment. By keeping out wild animals, protecting from weather conditions, preventing unpleasant smells, and creating an appealing look they provide numerous benefits to the environment. Implementing a garbage enclosure is one of the best ways to protect the environment from hazardous materials and keep it clean and safe.

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