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Cracked or Damaged Concrete Repair in New Westminster, BC.

Most cracks in concrete are a result of shrinkage. The concrete loses moisture fast as it dries, causing it to harden and crack. These cracks look bad and give your property a bad image.

If unchecked, cracks on concrete floors, driveways, stairs and other surfaces can spread. Something that’s repaired in 15- 30 minutes can turn into a lengthy renovation project.

Acting fast and filling the cracked concrete with epoxy is the most effective method. Epoxy is a polymer or chemical solution created by mixing a resin and a hardener.

When applied to the crack, it conforms to its shape. It then hardens into a dense plastic that fills the crack and stabilizes the concrete.

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Prevent concrete cracks from spreading

Cracks can spread at breakneck speeds, it’s advisable that you repair them as soon as they appear.

Fill cracks in with epoxy

Epoxy is the industry standard for repairing cracks in your concrete. Ensure a long lasting patch with epoxy injections.


Repair driveways, steps, garage floors, and more

Certain areas are prone to cracking which can cause a slew of problems, and in some cases, safety issues.

Repair concrete cracks before they become an issue by calling City Wide to book a concrete repair service.

Three main reasons to fix your concrete cracks quickly:

To prevent them from spreading and causing further damage.
Stop safety concerns from emerging.
Protect the integrity of your concrete by using epoxy injections to stop further cracking.
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Concrete repair solutions for New West's residential, commercial, or governmental properties

Concrete Repair New Westminster, BC

How We Fix Your Concrete

At City Wide, we have qualified specialists with knowledge of concrete repair. Certain areas in your residential, commercial or industrial property are prone to forming cracks.

Our technicians analyze the damage to your floors, driveways, warehouse, sidewalks, roads, or other area of concern. We then use this information to decide how to approach the maintenance of your property.

At City Wide, we take pride in the quality of our services, and help you repair and preserve your concrete to avoid further damage.

How Concrete Repair Services Benefit Your Business

Filling up cracks and preventing them from spreading alleviates a host of problems. It maintains safety too. Cracked concrete can create discrepancies in the levels of the floor. Increasing the chance of tripping.

More cracks can form resulting in a piece of the floor becoming loose. If the cracks form on the walls or ceiling, large pieces may begin to break loose. Parts of the debris may fall on visitors, employees and customers.

It’s wise to avoid these issues by maintaining the concrete in and out of your property. Taking the necessary precautions on time saves you on costly repairs. It also protects you from lawsuits. Resulting from people getting injured while on your company.

As a business or property owner in Canada, you have a responsibility. Which is to provide a safe environment for all your workers and visitors.

Make Repairs on Concrete to Prevent Spread of Cracks

Once cracks start appearing on concrete, they can spread very fast. Repair them before they cause further damage. It stops safety concerns from emerging.

Epoxy is the industry standard for fixing cracks in concrete. Injecting the cracks with epoxy will ensure a long-lasting patch. Epoxy works as a sturdy adhesive and keeps the cracked pieces together.

Certain areas near you are vulnerable to forming cracks. Repair cracks on driveways, home, your local warehouse and other structures.

Repair the cracks before they escalate to bigger problems. Use our professional technicians who use already proven methods.

Why Choose City Wide’s New Westminster Concrete Repair Services?

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Environmentally friendly chemicals

We use biodegradable and environmentally friendly products.

Fully insured and WCB certified

City Wide has certifications to handle any service you require.

Trained and experienced technicians

Our technicians are trained, professional, and fully insured.

30 years in operation

With over 30 years in the industry, we're trusted by hundreds of established businesses.

What Our Clients Think


"These guys are awesome! They did the line painting and asphalt/concrete repairs throughout our complex. They were prompt, courteous and did an amazing job. "

-Ifraz Khan

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"The owner is incredible and very professional. Great customer service. Glad doing business with you guys. "

-Foad Heidari

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"I've hired a lot of cleaning companies, but CityWide is the best I've dealt with.

They have an attention to detail that the other companies were lacking."

-Ivor Klein

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